Create an Open and Inclusive Campus Environment

Easily Train Students and Staff with Engaging, Real-Life Case Studies

Ensure every student feels safe, seen and heard. The Diversity and Social Issues Case Studies Binder will help prevent negative campus incidents while raising community awareness and understanding.

The Diversity and Social Issues Case Studies Binder contains 50 comprehensive and timely case studies – many based on actual, recent on-campus events. Each case study includes engaging questions that will spur meaningful, interactive discussions and simplify training. Plus, our Case Study User’s Guide offers various methods of incorporating these case studies into your training efforts.

Using the Diversity and Social Issues Case Studies Binder will:

  • Create an open, inclusive environment for all students
  • Build students’ trust and confidence that you are in tune with their concerns and needs
  • Prepare your staff to confidently address and resolve incidents and prevent campus backlash


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