What’s Included

When you order the Diversity and Social Issues Case Studies Binder, you’ll receive all the resources you need to create an open and inclusive campus environment!

The easy-to-implement 125+ page resource is complete with everything you need to:

  • Form strong responses to campus controversies through practice with 50 comprehensive case studies and engaging discussion questions
  • Build a more thoughtful, informed community to improve retention and graduation rates
  • Save time with our complete case study packages — no need to create training materials on your own

Plus, our Case Study User’s Guide offers various methods of incorporating these case studies into your training efforts.

Also included is the 15-page Diversity Reference Guide: Understanding Various Terms, which:

  • Enhances understanding and awareness of today’s diversity realities to avoid conflict and create more supportive teams
  • Provides one comprehensive document, all in one place, so you don’t have to spend valuable time preparing a glossary for your staff
  • Ensures all case study participants have the same information so no one feels left out, questions their understanding of certain terms or stops contributing because they’re afraid they’ll say something wrong

And you’ll receive full online access to all materials with your purchase!

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